Care Guide

Welcome to our jewelry care guide! Here you will find tips on taking care of those special pieces you ordered and keeping them top of the line.


How do I care for my jewelry?

Jewelry should be kept in cool, dark, dry places. Excess exposure to elements may lead to rapid oxidization or tarnishing of metal elements on said pieces.
This includes extreme heat, moisture, excess sweat, chlorine, and cosmetics including but not limited to excessive lotions, perfumes, soaps, body sprays, and more.
We recommend removing jewelry before any and all activities in which pieces would be in contact with any of the above.


How do I clean my jewelry?

Jewelry can be lightly polished with a soft polishing cloth. Slight dullness on certain beads or slight oxidation in some spots is normal. This can also be remedied with a gentle cleaning with a soft cloth.


Product warnings...

Many of our products and pieces contain small parts such as beads or charms which may be a hazard to small children. In addition, if you, the buyer, have any allergies pertaining to metals or any other serious concerns, do not purchase.
It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that products are responsibly used, cared for, and kept out of the vicinity of any one who may be at risk of the above.


Other tips...

Certain pieces may contain glass and or lampwork beads. Pieces with the previously indicated may require extra care and should be handled with a bit more caution.
Avoid tugging, excess abrasion, dropping, or throwing jewelry harshly on hard surfaces.